How To Play Sicbo – Sicbo Tips For Newbies

Sicbo is a betting game that brings high winning rates when players participate at 90JILI Casino. So what knowledge do you need to know? How to play Sicbo? Are there any types that help you win easily? Here is all the effective knowledge that will be shared here.

Introduction to the game sicbo

Introduction to the game sicbo
Introduction to the game sicbo

The Sicbo game also has another name that is very familiar to today’s bettors, which is over and under. This is a betting game based on the results of 3 dice with 6 sides. Each side will be marked by 90JILI with numbers with values ​​from 0-6 with equivalent round dots.

When playing the Sicbo game, you need to bet on the results of the 3 upturned sides of the 3 dice. In each Sicbo game, our Dealer will shake the dice to give the winning or losing results to the participants. In general, Sicbo is a game with quite simple rules and brings a high winning rate to the players.

How to play Sicbo at 90JILI Casino

The operations when playing Sicbo at 90JILI are very simple and fast. Because each operation is arranged reasonably by our system. You need to have an account at 90JILI. After having an account, players follow the instructions to play Sicbo as follows:

  • Step 1: You proceed to access the official website of Then log in to your account.
  • Step 2: You proceed to deposit money into your account to be able to play betting
  • Step 3: Choose any bet you want to play. Then proceed to bet on the numbers you choose.
  • Step 4: The dealer will perform the automatic shaking button operation. The winning area will have a light on.

Rules when playing Sicbo

Rules when playing Sicbo
Rules when playing Sicbo

Before you join Sicbo, you need to pocket the betting rules below. That way, you will easily achieve victory for yourself:

When starting the game, the participant will have 20 seconds to place a bet. The player will rely on his own judgment to make the correct betting choices.

  • After the time is up, the Dealer will start pressing the dice shake button to start the game.
  • After the dice are shaken and poured onto the betting table. The winning betting options will light up to let the participant know. Thanks to that, the participant will know whether their bet is a win or a loss.
  • In the event that the dice are rolled on top of each other, this bet will not be counted towards the participant’s deposit and will be refunded to the player.

Tips when playing Sicbo at 90JILI Casino

Tips when playing Sicbo at 90JILI Casino
Tips when playing Sicbo at 90JILI Casino

When you start playing any online betting game. You need to equip yourself with tricks. That will be an important factor to help players have a high chance of winning. You can save the following tricks to increase the winning rate:

Know when to stop

It is not easy to win Sicbo. Therefore, you need to be calm and not be too eager to win. Besides, players need to know when to stop.

Bet on multiple tables at once

One trick that players cannot miss is to spread their money across multiple tables. Because you will not be able to guess which table will have a high chance of winning. Therefore, when betting on multiple tables, you will have a much higher winning rate than betting on just one table.

Bet according to your capital

This is a fairly safe Sic Bo playing trick that helps players manage their betting capital. It is necessary to divide your betting money. Do not get caught up in the game because of the desire to win.

The end

The above article has provided you with tips, rules and how to play Sicbo thoroughly at 90JILI Casino. With the information provided above, you can confidently register an account to start playing right away.

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